Arts in Inclusive Learning Project Goals and Objectives

To train and support teachers in early-childhood classrooms and centers to use arts-based learning, promoting language and literacy through experiences that utilize multiple modalities and engage children with a wide range of developmental and social needs.

To train and support teaching artists and art and music teachers in strategies and UDL designed lessons which effectively include students with disabilities and special learning needs.

To train and support paraprofessionals and one-on-one aides who work with students with the most significant disabilities in ways that can make their children's experiences in art and music classrooms more successful and meaningful, and conversely to help find ways to use the art and music classes and arts-based learning to support IEP goals and better integration with their peers.

To offer after-school and out-of-school arts experiences to children from targeted underserved towns

To model in all these situations the effectiveness of a UDL approach for engaging students and offering a wide range of ways that children can learn and show what they know and understand.

To present to students in degree programs at Plymouth State University and White Mountains Community College information about integrated arts education and the use of an arts-based UDL approach to reach students with disabilities and learning differences.

To build a professional learning network in New Hampshire with a focus on arts and disability, for all those interested in providing high-quality arts education experiences for children with disabilities and children living in poverty.