Art courtesy of AANNH member artist Marek Bennett.

Every four weeks we publish the Arts North e-bulletin, which includes cultural programs and events offered by our members throughout the region.

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Looking for Connections?

The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire (AANNH) has many volunteer opportunities!

AANNH thanks and appreciates our volunteers. So much of what we do requires many hands to come together to make things happen. Here are some of the ongoing opportunities you can be part of and get connected !

AANNH Ambassador: Help "meet and greet" at AANNH events

Technical & Business Skills: Would you like to run, sound, lights or help house manager an arts event? Would you like to help fundraise, write grants or press releases or help the Arts Alliance with marketing and planning? We’re always looking for individuals to help us in these areas, whether on a one-time event or longer project.

Be an appointed "eyes and ears" reporter for your area: Watch for news items that relate to arts & culture, report local arts businesses and events, and listen for arts and culture needs in your area.

Liaison to schools, PTAs and other community groups: Raise awareness about available AANNH programs for schools in your area.

• Program/Event Observer: Attend and observe an AANNH event and help by completing an evaluation form.

• Program/Event Photographer: We need photos (and videos) ! Take your camera along and take photos of an AANNH event.

• Communications: We are looking for people to communicate with members and partner organizations by phone to update and convey information. There a re also opportunities to work on mailings, e-bulletins and correspondence.

• Arts - Related Opportunities: You don't have to be an artist to participate! But if you have a skill, trade, or expertise that is creative, we would like to hear a bout how you might like to use your unique abilities as a volunteer. We’re looking for youth mentors for our youth arts program too!

To find out more about volunteering for upcoming events or additional Arts Alliance volunteer opportunities, please email  or call us at 603-323-7302.