Our Mission

The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire is a non-profit organization that:

* Inspires through creative educational arts programs

* Includes through networking & collaborations

*Informs Northern New Hampshire community residents while promoting the region to visitors

Why is the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire's work important?

AANNH believes that arts, culture, & heritage are vital to Northern New Hampshire’s quality of life -- strengthening education, building community, & stimulating economic development & tourism.

We believe in working together to connect individuals, arts & cultural businesses, organizations & ideas. Volunteers and ideas are always welcome.

How we do our work

The Arts Alliance serves as a network for arts information and arts programming, with a particular interest in providing arts opportunities to North Country audiences by coordinating projects and presentations in schools and community sites where interest is high but time, money, and (in some cases) expertise may not be available.

The Arts Alliance works directly with interested administrators, teachers, parents and community volunteers to plan and adapt programming to the needs of individual towns, and helps locate and develop funding sources for local programs. In those communities where arts or cultural organizations exist, the Arts Alliance collaborates with them to support their work.

The Arts Alliance is governed by a board of directors and operated with the help of many members and volunteers throughout the region.

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